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Corsair Globaltech Creates Life Cycle Tools for Auto Lenders

Our products connect financial institutions with their customers, with a focus on serving the underbanked.
Closer connections build life long relationships. Our technology can help.
Our industry leading Payments Platform, developed with the benefit of tens of thousands of real-life relationships, laid the groundwork for a whole series of products that we are just now bringing to market.
50,000+ hours of real-world experience
86% of our clients customers are Moble Frist
25% of our clients customers prefer Spanish

A Customer Portal for account management, statements, payments and account actions.

The majority of customers attempt to take care of matters themselves. A customer portal isn't just about online payments, it's about managing and communicating those critical actions you need from your customers. Alerts, notifications, and permissions can be integrated into your branded customer portal, reducing interaction with a representative from your company.
Account Management
Easy Payment


ACH Payments
Card Payments
AutoPay Setup
Account Notifications
Contact Management
Payment History
Electronic Statements
3rd Party Payments
Multiple Loan Management
Mobile First UX
Go Paperless Option
Posting Rules
Customer Communications
Calls to Action & Alerts

A payment and account management tool for loan servicing.

A customer-centric payment tool designed to enable lenders to define and automate collection strategies, optimize customer interaction across channels, lower risk and reduce operational costs.


ACH Payments
Card Payments
AutoPay Setup
Payment Arrangements
Due Date Changes
Customer Portal Registration Management
Payment History
3rd Party Payments
Extensive Search Features
Posting Rules
Account Alerts

Work queues that prioritize collection activities, and support customers to keep their account current.

  • Access to multiple queues per user
  • Views by agent, team, divison or the entire company
  • Sorting by status or summaries
  • Direct links to your LMS and Crosair Agent Pay
  • Stage of Delinquency
  • Account Status
  • Balance
  • Last Date Paid
  • Promised Date
Summaries Per Queue
  • Active Accounts
  • Period Payments
  • Received Promised
  • Alerts, Special Attention
  • Goal Tracking

Featured Integrations

Corsair has successfully integrated with leading lending platforms.

Cash Payment Network

Corsair’s API collects cash payment data for posting and account status updates in Corsair Queue.

How Lenders Benefit From Working with Corsair

Our Mission is to improve communications between the financial services providers and underbanked customers, across every touchpoint in their financial life.
Agile Software Development
Agile software development is centered around the idea of iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration. This methodology enables our team to deliver value faster, with greater quality, predictability, and aptitude to respond to change.
Continuous Development
Corsair has built a collaborative development environment where software development teams and stakeholders work together solving industry problems and improving customer experiences.
New Features
Corsair has a multiyear roadmap with a full customer lifecycle
approach to increase customer retention and reduce lender
overhead. Filling in the gaps that horizontal LMS’s and LOS’s are not designed to handle.
True Partnership
We take a partnership approach with our clientele, strategizing and deliberating throughout every engagement. Ultimately focusing on building products that solve problems our clients can clearly identify with and support an ideal workflow.

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